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Details Interest-and-Self-Interest-in-Ancient-Athens-Spudasmata-Band-151

Interest and self-interest are concepts that have attracted multiple interdisciplinary approaches in the last decades. In this monograph, the author examines anew all nomenclature of these concepts in ancient Greek, and recapitulates relevant previous ...

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Details Places-of-Interest-about-Maybole-with-sketches-of-persons-of-interest

Places of Interest about Maybole: with sketches of persons of interest. British Library, Historical Print EditionsThe British Library is the national library of the United Kingdom. It is one of the world's largest research libraries holding over 150 ...

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Details Tables-Showing-The-Values-Of-Life-Interests-And-Reversions-As-Found-By-Various-Formula-And-At-Different-Rates-Of-Interest-1883

Tables Showing the Values of Life Interests and Reversions: As Found by Various Formula and at Different Rates of Interest (1883)

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Details Monthly-Interest-Amortization-Tables-Interest-Rates-of-2-to-2575-Loan-Amounts-of-50-to-300000-Terms-Up-to-40-Years

This title deals with loan amounts of $50 to $300,000, interest rates of 2 per cent to 25.75 per cent, and terms up to 40 years.

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Details Special-Interest-Fireplace-Relaxation

Special Interest - Fireplace Relaxation keine (Darsteller, Hauptdarsteller), unbekannt (Regisseur) Alterseinstufung: Freigegeben ohne Altersbeschränkung Format: DVD

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Details Data-Interoperability-Community-of-Interest-Handbook

Data Interoperability Community of Interest Handbook This handbook provides the rationale for shared data environments across the enterprise and explains why communities of interest are ideal organizational structures. (Computer Books)

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Details Interest-in-Islamic-Economics-Understanding-Riba-Islamic-Studies

Interest in Islamic Economics Presents readers with various interpretations of this Islamic economic concept - generally perceived as 'interest'. This book provides a framework for understanding "riba" by examining: linguistics; classical judicial ...

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Details The-Landed-Interest-And-The-Supply-Of-Food


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Details Justice-and-Self-Interest-Two-Fundamental-Motives

This volume argues that the commitment to justice is a fundamental motive and that, although it is typically portrayed as serving self-interest, it sometimes takes priority over self-interest. To make this case, the authors discuss the way justice ...

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Details Self-Interest-before-Adam-Smith-A-Genealogy-of-Economic-Science-Ideas-in-Context-Band-68

Self-Interest Before Adam Smith A conceptual and historical inquiry into the concept of self-interest before Adam Smith. Full description

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Details Game-Theoretic-Models-of-the-Political-Influence-of-Interest-Groups

Game-Theoretic Models of the Political Influence of Interest Groups Provides an overview of the results obtained from empirical models of the political influence of interest groups. This book emphasises on the three game-theoretic model.

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Details Professions-and-the-Public-Interest-Medical-Power-Altruism-and-Alternative-Medicine

Professions and the Public Interest: Medical Power, Altruism and Alternative Medicine

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Details inJustice-for-Juveniles-Rethinking-the-Best-Interests-of-the-Child

(In) Justice for Juveniles Rethinking the Best Interests of the Child

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Details You-Dont-Know-Where-Your-Interest-Lies-Vinyl-Maxi-Single

You Don't Know Where Your Interest Lies 7" 45 Outta Sight, OSV105, 2013, Plain Sleeve Large Centre

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Details Post-Public-Employment-Good-Practices-for-Preventing-Conflict-of-Interest

[{ Post-Public Employment: Good Practices for Preventing Conflict of Interest By Berta3k, Janos ( Author ) Oct - 01- 2010 ( Paperback ) } ]